KMMS Consulting

Optimize Revenue. 


We specialize in recovering lost revenue from denials and sub-optimal coding. 

Services we offer:

Code Compliance
AR Management
Third Payor Negotiations
New Service Exploration

Work with your existing resources

Implement best practices for your current staff and EMR to maximize efficiency and reduce friction.

We improve patient revenue, patient experience, and cost to collect.

Get paid for your claims

Over 85% of claim denials can be prevented with minor adjustments. Ensuring revenue integrity can manage compliance risks, improve clinical documentation, and optimize coding accuracy to accelerate cash flow and prevent denials.

Know your performance

Use analytics and your historical performance to make better predictions and decisions. 

Enter payor contract negotiations armed with knowledge of what's best for your practice.

More time for clinical work

Optimize revenue and improve staff efficiency to spend more time with patients and less time chasing payments.



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